KIROS is our new jewelry brand founded by three big talents in jewelry who now dedicate united their large & varied experiences and services entirely to design, distribution & production of finest luxury jewelry.
KIROS is recognized worldwide with offices in France, Spain, Hong Kong, and USA.

KGK Creations Pvt. Ltd. is an affiliate of KGK Diamonds (I) Pvt. Ltd., a DTC Sightholder, big name with over 100 years of experience in the making & distribution of the finest jewelry.

GEMCO JEWELS, very well known for their innovative designs, distribution & impeccable customer service.

YACINE CHALLAL, a Paris based self-made entrepreneur & passionate jewelry designer, who for many years has successfully managed internationally, a huge jewelry brand gathering and incredibly large network of clients, producers & creative behind him.

KIROS Creations Pvt. Ltd., located in Special Economy Zone in Mumbai. A manufacturing unit with all the state of art technology and a team of skilled & professional personnel to commit the quality and servies.

KIROS offers innovative & modern designs & has the capacity to react immediately to all new jewelry trends made by master craftsman with the finest material.

KIROS has profound understanding of the jewelry market, which allows to react instantly to any customer demand.

A perfect customer service is an essential part of the philosophy of KIROS, as much as the creation of outstanding and unique designs.



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